I am a "baby boomer", was a Reagan Democrat, then a Republican, a Tea Party Patriot, Independent and now a die-hard Trump supporter! For years now, I have been an Independent. Why? Because the Democrats are just down right dishonest and cannot be trusted with leadership of our Country...and, the Republicans just do not know how to govern. I honor our American Flag; Fly it 24 hours a day. I despise anyone who disrespects it.

My beliefs:

Protect the Constitution of the United States, the greatest document every created. It is not obsolete. It must be followed and protected at all cost against all enemies...both foreign and domestic! Currently, it is under attack by liberals wishing to convert this country into a socialist, government run nation...and World Globalist who want a one world government.

Maintain a Strong Military. That is the only way we will remain a free Nation.

Limit the size of Government; a smaller Government is a "better government". Our government is far too large...and far too powerful. Remember: a government big enough to give you everything you want...is big enough to take everything you have!

Right to bear arms is an individual right that is not for protection against other Citizens, but for protection against an overbearing, over controlling, over reaching government!

Religious Freedom does not stop at the property line of a public building. We have the right to express our religious beliefs anywhere within the Borders of the United States. School prayer at a high school foot ball game is our Constitutional Right which has been stripped from us by far left liberal courts using the Constitution against us. The Constitution was put in place to protect our freedoms...not to be used as a tool to "limit" our freedoms. It has been misused.

Protect our Borders. Contrary to the liberals, I strongly believe that immigration is "for the good of the Country", not "for the good of the immigrant". Only those immigrants who share our capitalism and free market enterprise values should be allowed into our country. And, only those immigrants wishing to "become Americans" should be allowed in. No illegal immigrant should be allowed to remain within the US Borders!

We are a Christian based nation...not a Muslim based nation. We have family values that were formed from our Christian based ancestors such as: traditional marriage is between one man and one woman. And while we are a Nation of many immigrants, until recent years, immigrants who migrated to American "merged" into our Culture versus imposing their country's culture on America. This "merging of cultures" has strengthened our American Culture, adding value to our culture and making us one of the most diverse Countries in the World. You can eat in a fine restaurant that serves meals from almost every country of the world right here in the US!

Illegal immigrants and refugees flooding our country are not the same quality of immigrants as those who chose to come here legally. The illegal immigrants do not come here to merge into the American Culture...they bring their country's culture here with no intent of merging! No good can ever come of illegal immigration. It takes control of quality of immigrants out of the hands of US Citizens and puts control in the hands of foreigners with no loyalty or vested interest in America's survival!