While liberals drive an agenda of "global warming" which may well being occurring, it is not "man made" and should not be the focal point of the conversation on energy.

Focal point of our conversation on energy must be based on real facts versus speculation or "science tainted with politics".

Real facts are that fossil fuel is a finite resource. Put all the political spin you want on this and the facts do not change. At some point, we will suck all of the oil out of the ground that there is. That, people, is a fact!

Whether that is in 200 years or 500 years, it will still occur. I think the latest estimate is 300 years.

The question now becomes: what do we do?

First and foremost, we need to stop the political bullshit about man-made global warming and focus on real energy solutions. If we decided today that man needed to raise the temperature of the globe 2 degrees...there is no technical or scientific way man can do this. Just the same, there is no scientific way for man to decrease the temperature of the globe by 2 degrees. The earth's temperature cycles. Not a damn thing man can do to influence this. Sorry....not happening.

Second we must move away from obvious "none solution" items that are political driven:

Electric cars - do nothing toward getting us off of fossil fuels. These cars are driven by political environmental nut cases and it is unrealistic to think electric cars will ever replace existing gasoline cars. Facts are that these cars still require a charge which they must get from the grid which is powered by fossil fueled power plants. Electric cars also are just not a viable replacement for the gasoline powered vehicles. They are too slow, do not travel many miles on one charge and take too long to recharge.

Wind Mills - while perfect alternative energy for a small family farm or family home, just not worth a hill of beans as a means of replacing huge 675 Megawatt base load power plants. One wind mill produces about 3 Megawatts of power. It takes 225 windmills to replace one 675 Megawatt power plant. This would take several hundred areas of land and have a severe impact on the local environment, the least of which would be a danger to birds. And...they can only produce energy when the wind is right...too little wind and they won't turn and in too much wind that have to be locked out to prevent damage.

Finally, we must focus on what might work:

Solar Energy - of all the potential energy resources we have, the sun holds one of best promises for providing an unlimited source of future energy. And while the technology is not here yet to really use this resource, 60 years ago, we did not have the technology to produce a cell phone that connects to the internet! We only developed that technology due to supply and demand of Free Market Enterprise. Our focus must be on how we utilize the power of the sun to replace certain energy needs in our lives. I do not see Solar replacing gasoline cars, but solar can certainly power small homes utilizing the roofs of the homes versus taking up acres of land. Solar can also be combined with fuel cells to enhance their output.

Fuel Cell Energy - of all our potential energy resources this one holds the most promising of all for renewable energy. This technology right now is about where the computer chip was in 1990. Here is an energy source that uses a heat process to create hydrogen from water to produce energy. It produces zero harmful gases in the process. And, it can run off of any fuel that will produce heat: propane, natural gas, oil, methane, wood and yes, ever solar heat. Based on the research I have done, fuel cells, properly advanced and properly applied, in time can replace the large base load fossil fuel power plants...and at some point can be made to run using human or animal sewage waste...which would be getting energy by burning our own waste.

Power Generation of The Future!