President Donald Trump

The Greatest President in American History!


President Trump clearly won the 2020 Election. Everyone knows this! President Trump's 70 plus million voters know it, Republican Rhinos know it, Democrats know it, Hollywood knows it, Fake News knows it and....Joe Biden Knows it!

The Democrats used current events happening in the world to their advantage to "cheat" and steal the election. It was planned and on purpose!

The whole election was a sham from the moment liberals realized that they could use the Covid-19 to their advantage.

Seriousness of the corona virus was overstated. Media hyped it up to "scare the world...but mostly they wanted to scare uninformed drive them into a they would follow "orders" without question!

Liberals then used the virus as a smoke screen to "shut down" a thriving economy, an economy built by President Trump!

Next liberals rigged the election by allowing unsolicited ballots to be mailed out to millions and returned with very little oversight of these ballots.

Finally, liberals put together a plan that involved voting machines that could be hacked, controlled by them at home and abroad and could be used to  manipulated and those million of mail in ballots.

It was the biggest election fraud in American history!

Those of us who voted and had our votes stolen...will never forget this! It is forever embedded in our memory and our hearts. We have lost all faith in the American voting system! All faith!