Nothing soothes the soul like the cooing of the turtle dove in the early morning or late afternoon. The gentle sound floats softly through the air, seemingly hanging on every breath of wind…so peaceful…so gentle…so calming. There is no other sound like it...in the world!

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Introduction to Lonesome Dove

What began as a hunting camp several years ago has somehow turned into our family home. My wife is still trying to figure that one out! People always asking me, "Why Lonesome Dove?" Well, I have never seen the movie, too long for me. The name "lonesome dove" actually has two meanings for me: First, most of my life, especially in the Marines, I seemed to always be "sitting on the branch alone"...so, I always felt like a "dove" missing his mate.

Second, came from Desert Storm. Just before we went into Kuwait to liberate them, we were stationed at a temporary remote airfield just a few miles from the border. The code name of the field was "Lonesome Dove". When I bought this place in 2002 as a hunting camp, I was looking for a name. Then one afternoon while sitting outside, the Doves begin to coo each other and I knew I had my name: Lonesome Dove!